Fillings Can Now Look Good…and Invisible

Until recently, most cavities were filled with the well-known silver filling amalgams. Nowadays, white fillings have become much more durable, making them the go-to choice for resolving cavity problems in the tooth.

Today, as before, fillings can prevent cavities from progressing. Only now they are almost invisible. They blend in well with the tooth making it near invisible.

White fillings don’t have mercury in them. While it isn’t an issue, some clients take comfort in this fact.

White fillings are usually made from a mixture of high grade, quality composite materials, giving them a more similar structure to a real tooth over a traditional metal filling. This means you’re replacing tooth material with a realistic alternative, leading to a generally healthier tooth.

One reason that often stops people from visiting the dentist is the obvious sign of decay, people may not want their dentist to know that they aren’t flossing every day or even brushing their teeth twice a day.

If this is you, fear not. It is hard to avoid decay, but now, if your teeth have cavities or are showing signs of decay, the white fillings make an ideal solution.

Book an appointment and speak to one of our highly-skilled practitioners. Our job is to put you at ease.

If you need fillings, we’ll put a plan in place that suits you. We’ll talk you through the pre and after care of your filling.

Decay loves time so nip it in the bud and book an appointment today.

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“The kids think going to the dentist is a treat now with all the stickers you gave them. No fear of dentists here!”
Cathy Monaghan


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