The treatment of choice by Celebrities and Supermodels to rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin

A vampire facial works by initially harvesting your own blood platelets which are then reintroduced into your facial skin tissue to regenerate and repair your facial skin tissue. Sounds gruesome and scary but in reality it is a simple effective and straightforward method of revitalising your facial appearance.

A small quantity of blood is taken from your arm to then provide a rich plasma of your blood platelets, which is then used for your treatment. Small quantities of this platelet rich plasma is then carefully injected into your facial skin tissue.
Risks of any adverse effects are minimal as we use your own natural blood cells. Nothing else is added.

A Vampire Facial will rejuvenate and improve skin elasticity and facial volume. Your facial skin will look tighter fresh smooth and hydrated.

Book your consultation now and find out why this is the preferred facial skin treatment for both Celebrities and Supermodels alike.

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